A small but extremely efficient small cooperative sees its beginning in Blera, a small town of Etruscan origins in northern Lazio just north of Rome in the province of Viterbo. In 1965 a small group of cultivators decides to create a small cooperative, unite their efforts so to cut the expensive costs of production.

In the late 1980 the enthusiasm the passion and the hard work and dedication slowly but steadily brings this small cooperative to a progressive grow and by reaching a higher quality level of the product allows them to start commercializing their olive oil.

Colli Etruschi Olive Oils

Colli Etruschi is made of a unique olive variety called Canino or Caninese, endemic grown and cultivated only of this particular Etruscan terroir based on ancient volcano rich soil.

A bold round and pungent full green olive oil made from 100% Caninese olives variety, rich in taste and aroma and perfect pungency and a slight tannin sensation when in your mouth.

Definitely an impressive and intensive olive oil that goes very well with traditional local antipasti pasta dishes grilled and braised meats, venison, rustic soups or Porcini Mushrooms