The Titone family organic farm is located inland in western Sicily between Trapani and Marsala. The Titone family has always had a particular attention to nutrition and health. Pharmacist by trade since generations with a passion for agriculture and in particular for olive growing. They cultivate 19 hectares of olive grove with 5,000 trees all Certified Organic.

Their masterful blends are all incredibly well balanced, and how she likes to describe it in the same way a symphonic orchestra works, where all the elements are tuned together to form a perfect sound! All are made from endemic varieties from that area of Sicily, crafted by Nicola and the daughter Antonella Titone, a pioneering father-daughter team who have applied the rigor of their expertise to olive oil since 1985!

Have been the recipient of an infinite world-wide awards for their oils.

Titone Olive Oils

Our Titone Extra Virgin Olive Oil Line consists of 2 different labels and are all Organic.