Since the very beginning, Feudotto has always focused on enhancing the production of the Extra Virgin Olive Oil in the region of Menfi, Sciacca and Castelvetrano in southern west Sicily.

This community of olive growers has been able to promote the production of this great territory and has given life along with sustainability to many small growers and in the course of the years to the brand Feudotto that nowadays is synonym of excellence in the olive oil field.

The community of olive growers all have a true deep connection with their land. They know how to recognize and predict the characteristics of the harvest and have a deep connection with their own territory. Customs, traditions and values handed down from generation to generation that even today are still alive among the youngest giving those incredible opportunities to remain working in their own land.

They use a simple and linear packaging that combines a traditional product with a modern design, today more and more requested. Their symbol is two superimposed “O”, which form the number “eight”, recalling a part of the brand name (Feudotto: “Otto” in Italian means eight). The eight in the number symbolism represents the infinity. This is the story we have imagined for our brand, an endless story.

Feudotto Olive Oils

Our Feudotto Extra Virgin Olive Oil line consists of 3 different labels.

· The monovarietal Nocellara del Belice

· The blend made of Nocellara, Biancolilla and Cerasuola

· The IGP Organic a Traditional blend