A beautiful place where nature blends with the history of this ancient Acetaia surrounded by superb Mediterranean Italian Gardens.  The Estate of Il Borgo del Balsamico is set in a rural area in the province of Emilia Romagna not far from the major county town of Reggio Emilia. 

It is in itself more than an “Acetaia” but also a place of beauty and peace where the surrounding nature fuses with the history of this ancient Estate. Where the owners still today can draw all their inspirations by constantly innovating all aspect of their products presentation!

Exceptional product always comes with exceptional care and at Il Borgo del Balsamico the devise is not quantity but rather undisputed quality by choosing first and very carefully the very essential primary product like the grapes, and then by carefully following all the necessary step after step of its delicate transformation.

At Il Borgo it’s also very important choosing the right people to represent their products around the world. People who are able to truly understand and communicate the true hard work and dedication behind Il Borgo del Balsamico and so to properly transfer all this know how to their discerning customers, who will appreciate this incredible artisanal product!