Frantoio Franci is a family business founded in 1958 by Fernando and Franco Franci when they purchased, their first olive grove called Villa Magra.

The farm is located in southern Tuscany in Montenero Val d’Orcia on the slopes of Monte Amiata.

The year 1995 marks a turning point for the family business with the wisdom, enthusiasm and modern approach of the youngest generation, Giorgio Franci is who transformed the family business into one of the best Olive Oil farm there is today, recognized for their highest quality strict criteria and by olive oils defined by their organoleptic characteristic, chemical parameters terroir origins and quality standard.

Their goal has been a challenging one to produce only the best and the highest premium quality, maintaining intact the genuineness of the olive fruit without any compromise.

Frantoio Franci Olive Oils

Our Franci Extra Virgin Olive Oil Line consists of 4 different labels.