Carnaroli Rice

Carnaroli Rice

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Carnaroli Rice exclusively from Riserva San Massimo. This unique rice comes from a region of fertile land within a natural reserve that has been protected since 1974. Called “Il Parco Lombardo del Ticino”, this reserve is situated in the commune of Pavia in Northern Lombardy and covers 91,000 Ha of land which was originally designated as a protected area in order to preserve Ticino river’s valley and its beautiful, natural surroundings from encroaching urban devlelopment. This loose carnaroli rice comes vacuum-packed in aesthetically appealing box.

REGION South Lombardy, Italy

USE This carnaroli rice is of outstanding quality and genuine complexity making it the rice of choice for some of Italy’s best-known Michelin-starred chefs. It possesses a grain that is perfect for making traditonal risottos with both excellent consistency and stability. It is also ideal for making delicious summer-time rice salads with tuna, chicken, eggs, and fresh vegetables.

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