Il Condimento Trio Gift Box

Il Condimento Trio Gift Box

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Balsa Box with three 250 ml bottles. One Yellow label which is the  youngest of the range, our Yellow label Condiment has a generously fragrant, slightly pungent flavour. Ideal for brief cooking to enrich meat or fish dishes. Also recommended to flavour marinades or dress salads and crudités. The Orange label that is medium-aged condiment best suited for pasta dishes, sauces made from greens or vegetables, and risottos. Perfect with meat and grilled vegetables. And one Red label, left for years in barrels to age and acquire a wealth of aromas and fragrances, Red Label is our most exclusive Condiment. Aromatic and full bodied, Red Label Condiment is recommended for fois gras, on fruit, ice-cream, Parmesan cheese or ricotta cheese and panna cotta. All three condimento's contain less than 6% acidity. Each bottle is 250 ml.

What makes us special

High-quality food products from different regions of Italy.

Lugano Fine Foods owners personally visit the producers as well as inspect their facilities to ensure that they adhere to highest standards of production and any claims made regarding the product are true.